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Mega Celebrity Learns That He Was Tragically Misdiagnosed With Crippling Mental Disorder; 4 Months Later, He Reveals The Astounding Truth

October 11, 2018

Mega international superstar, Kanye West, is making a big announcement.

Known for his music, fashion line, and controversial political and culture rants, Kanye West sat down with none other than the President of The United Staes, Donald Trump. During their iconic conversation in the Oval Office, Kanye discussed important issues with President Trump in front of an excitable press crew.


The musician, who is a well known Trump Administration supporter, wore the classic “Make America Great Again” ball cap while he sat across from President Trump.

During their conversation, Kanye got excited at the thought of making changes in the US government. The singer ranted about everything from mental health to creating a new form of transportation for the President, which Kanye referred to as the “iPlane One.”


The superstar, who is married to a cultural icon, Kim Kardashian, has been quite vocal about his recent diagnosis with bipolar disorder. When fans and critics learned that Kanye was diagnosed with bipolar, they weren’t surprised- not even a little bit.

But during his interview with President Trump, Kanye revealed that he was misdiagnosed! He excitably shared, “I wasn’t actually bipolar, I had sleep deprivation.”


Fans were shocked to learn that Kanye was misdiagnosed. Shocked by his confession, they listened closely as he spoke about his recent discovery. He shared, “I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and connected with a neuropsychologist. He looked at my brain… I have a 98 percentile IQ test. He said- I wasn’t actually bipolar, but that I had sleep deprivation!”


Fans were totally shocked.

Kanye continued saying that his misdiagnosis could “cause dementia.” He added, “In 10- 20 years, I wouldn’t be able to remember my son’s name. From a misdiagnosis!”


Kanye quickly continued with his a rant which seemed to confuse many people, including the president. However, the biggest takeaway was obviously Kanye's misdiagnoses. Have you ever been misdiagnosed? If so, let us know in the comments!

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