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Keko Was Abandoned And Left To Die As A Young Pup. After Running Loose For Months, He’s Now Living The Good Life

November 16, 2017

Kekoa is a gorgeous gray-and-white Pitbull-type mix. “Kekoa” is a Hawaiian word meaning "warrior" but his friends all know him as Keko! This handsome pup loves to spend his days running and playing every chance he gets. When he’s not being a silly goof, he loves to go on long car rides to see everything he can.

Keko is a friendly and outgoing dog nowadays, but it wasn’t always so. Keko spent the first few years of his life as a stray, living alone and wandering the deserted streets of Oakland, California. His life was full of fear and terror, his every day full of uncertainty about the future.

Keko was born as the result of a backyard breeder, his mom’s owner never putting in the time or effort to find Keko a good home where they would love him forever. It wasn’t long after he went to that home, that they grew tired of caring for him. They abandoned Keko in Oakland, not caring what happened next to the happy-go-lucky pup.

Keko struggled every day to survive. He was forced to scrounge for food, digging through trash as he searched for enough scraps to survive. On cold nights, he would sleep in the bushes that lined the sidewalk, curled up tightly in an attempt to stay out of the howling and freezing wind.

As if having to survive on his own wasn’t enough, Keko was also forced to fight to survive. He endured countless attacks by other dogs, some strays who felt he was a threat, and some pets who believed he wandered too close. When human monsters grew tired of him hanging around, they threatened him and beat him, sending him running for his life.

Luckily for Keko, he was finally picked up by animal control. He wasn’t with them long before he was adopted by a family that he could call his own. Even though he was finally safe, he didn’t know what it was like to be a beloved family pet. He was skittish and afraid of anything and everything that came his way.

Slowly, his family helped him overcome all of his fears with their gentle and patient love for him. Today, Keko enjoys going on long hikes with his family and roughing it with them by his side. This dog who had learned to be fearful of both dogs and people is now one of the friendliest pups ever - to both humans and fellow dogs. We’re glad that Keko has been able to overcome the horrors of what he endured.

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