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Kurt Russell Confirms 25 Year Secret About Princess Diana Leaving True Fans In Hysteria By His Stunning Confession

February 15, 2019

Finally, a more than 25-year-old question about Princess Diana is being addressed by none other than mega actor, Kurt Russell.

Kurt Russell, an adored American actor, has recently cleared that air about his association to Princess Diana and fans were absolutely stunned. While appearing on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Kurt was asked point blank about his relationship with the late and great Princess of Wales.

During the onscreen interview, James brought up the decade-long question regarding Princess Diana’s stay in America in 1994. Princess Di had been rumored to be in the states for several reasons, but nobody really knew why. During her stay, she brought along William and Harry and the three spent some fun days hitting the slopes in Vail. For years now, rumors have swirled regarding who the Princess was there to see, especially given that the trip was in the final stages of her marriage to Prince Charles.

Kurt Russell began with the careful confession by saying, “It just happened. It was a series of things…I did a movie called Backdraft and there was a Royal Premiere in London…sat between Lady Di and Prince Charles.”

Before the crowd could whisper too much, he added that “it was an interesting experience at the time and things weren’t going great” as he made note of the couple's differences that ultimately led to an international scandal of a divorce. He then added, “But we got to talking about the paparazzi that she had to deal with and I mentioned that we lived on a ranch in Colorado that might be a nice getaway. And that's when she said, ‘Maybe sometime I could do that.’”

Kurt continued the story, revealing that his long-time partner and fellow actor, Goldie Hawn, was friends with Princess Di’s former sister-in-law, Sarah ‘Fergie’ Ferguson. Then Kurt said, “They worked it out that Diana wanted to go with the boys and they were welcomed to they stayed for ten days at the ranch.”

Kurt’s confession finally revealed that the late Princess simply wanted to get away from the bustling life happening in London and spend some relaxing time with boys in the snowy and private mountains. Fans cheered as Kurt told the story and finally revealed what so many have been wondering about for years.

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