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Little Boy Desperately Wants To Go Swimming But Can't Find His Goggles. You Can't Help But LAUGH When He Finally Finds Them! [VIDEO]

April 13, 2017

Nothing beats a good swim! 

Whether you are in the ocean or at your local pool, swimming is great outlet for exercise and fun! 

However, if you are going to go swimming in a pool, chances are that pool will have chlorine in it. 

So, to prevent the water from getting in your eyes it's a good idea to bring some goggles! 

This is where we find our young friend today! 

Aiden is excited to go swimming but, smart young man that he is, needs his goggles before he jumps in! 

Aiden searches frantically for his goggles but cannot seem to find them! 

He asks his mother where they are and can't understand why his mother is laughing. 

Aiden's mom knows exactly where the goggles are; they are on Aiden's head! 

Mom tells Aiden to feel his forehead; he does, but goes around the goggles. Aiden even moves the goggles at one point to try to see better! 

FINALLY Aiden finds the goggles where they have been all along and off he goes to enjoy the pool!

It's too cute not to laugh! 

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