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Little Girl Shouts Out 'I Need A Man!' But Its Not What You Think

January 29, 2018

I've never liked opening presents in front of people. As a kid, I would have all my little friends sit in a circle and have each person open the present she bought me. The pressure of having everyone look at me was just too much for this shy girl. As I got older, I would be nervous about coming up with a unique comment for each person who brought me a present. The little lass in our video, however, takes the cake for best comment upon opening a birthday present.

It's her party and, obviously, the focus is on her. Unlike me, though, this birthday girl is enjoying all the attention and is relishing the opportunity to make everyone laugh. Then she comes to one present - a Ken doll. As she begins opening the gift, she responds with a polite, “Thank you!” Then, after ripping off the rest of the paper she suddenly yells, "I need a man!"

This causes all her friends and family to explode with laughter. The idea that this sweet, innocent eight-year-old needs a man is too much for her family and friends to handle, but it’s only logical in her mind. If every Barbie needs a Ken, then why shouldn’t the birthday girl need a man, too?! The priceless reaction to her present is the best I've seen. Watch the video, below, and get a good chuckle out of this little lady and her unexpected comment.

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