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Little Girl Tells Mom About Her Boyfriend Drama. SAY WHAT?!!

March 31, 2017

What is the one question EVERY parent asks their kids when they get home from school?

"How was your day?" 

My pretty sure this Atlanta mom was not expecting this answer when she asked her 5-year-old daughter, Dannah...

"What happened at school today?"

Dannah had some playground drama she HAD to share with her mom.

Watch this video titled "Dannah's breakup"...

"So I was at school right and my boyfriend dumped me. He was going to propose to me... for some reason". 

When their mom asked her sister Dani what she thought about this. Dani chimes in and says "I think... she needs a better man than him". OMG!

These girls are not messing around.

Their mom shared this video on Instagram one week ago. It has been viewed 79,953 times on her IG account alone. 

Here is a link to that account @iamdanilane. Check out some more adorable pics and videos for yourself.


But it get's even better with this follow up video...

Her "boyfriend" is trying to win her back but this little girl and her sister know better. 


Check out their Instagram for more cuteness from these two adorable sisters @danianddannah

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