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Mama Duck Watches Helplessly As Rescuers Save Her Ducklings

January 01, 2018

Mama duck and her ducklings were out on an afternoon stroll, enjoying the warm Spring sun when the unthinkable happened. Her tiny ducklings fell down a drain. Mama duck couldn't do anything to help her babies and stood there helplessly until someone called for help.

You could hear the cries of the ducklings from the bottom of the drain when the D.C. fire department and police department arrived on the scene; they began the rescue immediately. Inside the drain, they found not one, not two, but eight tiny ducklings stuck. While the mama duck watched from afar, rescuers pulled the tiny ducklings out of the drain, one by one, using a makeshift net they had made.

All eight ducklings were returned to their mother who was definitely happy to see them! They all waddled off together to return to their day as though nothing had happened. We are so thankful for the police officers and firefighters who go above and beyond the call of duty every day. Watch the video of the incredible rescue, below.