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Man Eats His 30,000th Big Mac from McDonald's And Breaks Worlds Record

March 02, 2018

"She's fine with it. She doesn't mind. She eats a lot of microwaved stuff vegetables and stuff like that. We made an agreement when we got married that I could eat Big Macs if I didn't get fat.

"It's still my favorite food. So I'm pretty lucky - I can still eat my favorite food every day."

He has officially been put in the Guinness Book Of World records last year for eating his 28,788th Big Mac in front of Judges. Don said, "I love Big Macs so much I'll keep eating them until I die. If I live as long as my dad I'll pass 40,000."

"There's a joke I tell people - that if my wife has to put them in a blender then it's over."

Don is 64 years old and still in great health despite his constant visit to the fast food joint. Check out the video below of when he had hit 29,000 burgers.

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