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Martha Stewart Comes Forward With Frantic Warning After Common Household Item Almost Burned Her Home To The Ground

January 09, 2019

Over the years, Martha Stewart has helped us reorganize our homes, decorate our spaces, and create the most perfect meals for our holiday parties. Now, she’s come forward with another helpful tip, and this one is certainly worth remembering.

Recently while traveling, Stewart had a serious accident that, if hadn’t been quickly noticed, would have resulted in her home burning to the ground. Following the incident, she knew she had to take to her social media platforms to spread the warning to as many people as possible.

She posted an image of her makeup mirror sitting on the back of her toilet near a window sill. She thought nothing of it and left it there, not realizing that it was a dangerous fire hazard.

She wrote: “BEWARE!!!!!! While I was in Tasmania, my master bathroom had a serious problem. A magnifying makeup mirror sitting on the back of the toilet happened to catch the rays of the afternoon sun, reflecting them directly onto the painted window sill.”

That’s when the serious incident occurred. “The light was so intense that the paint scorched and smoked and almost ignited! My housekeeper smelled the burning paint and stopped the problem. Please take care not to let such a queer thing happen in your home!!!!!!”

Since posting this warning, she’s garnered over 18,000 likes and 1,200 comments all filled with fans graciously thanking her for her words of warning and advice.

It’s a seemingly simple mistake to make that could result in grave heartache if not caught quickly enough. Hopefully, after her proclamation, this kind of mishap won’t happen to others as well!

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