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Massive Ship Launching Goes Awry Leaving Spectators To Run For Their Lives. The Footage Will Send Shivers Up Your Spine

March 14, 2018

Ships are some of the most magnificent structures created by man. Their sheer size alone is breathtaking and the fact that the massive structures float on the water makes them so much more unbelievable.

While ships are designed to function in water, they’re crafted indoors. The work of a ship as large as the one in this story can take more years to complete! Once the ship is finished, it gets launched into the water.

The launching ceremony is many times a celebratory event; years of design, technology, and craftsmanship goes into the creation of the ship. Once it’s finally ready to do its job in water, huge teams work together to orchestrate a ship launch.

This massive ship’s launching ceremony had several people excited; clearly, this ship is larger than life. As the team prepared for the introduction into the water, photographers and spectators watched across the harbor in hopes of witnessing a great release into the water.

While they watched only yards away from the harbor, the massive ship began to slide into the water with the help of several ramps. People were in sheer disbelief as the huge ship was finally entering the water. It really was a sight to be seen!

One thing people didn’t notice, however, was that the water began rising so quickly that a massive wave began to swell.

Within seconds, an enormous wave was headed straight for the spectators and photographers were watching from across the harbor! As the wave grew with the ship’s addition to the bay, the onlookers began sprinting away and screaming!

The wave crashed into the march where people were standing in awesome seconds before. Thankfully, the marsh absorbed much of the wave’s power.

Check out the footage captured below; it's truly terrifying! Seeing the huge wave approach so slowly caused my stomach to drop! What would you have done?


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