Maya Was Born A Stray. After The Death Of Her Mother, She Was Saved By A Loving Rescuer Who Turned Her Life Around

October 31, 2017

Maya is a gorgeous Staffordshire Terrier/Husky who lives with her doting family in North Carolina. Maya loves to go on long walks with her owners, and race through the yard, playing with her beloved family. In the winter, she enjoys bounding through the snow, playing with her dear friends. Maya is living the good life with an owner who loves her to the moon and back.

Maya may be living a dream now, but she had a very rough start to her amazing life. Maya’s mom, Bella, was a stray Staffordshire Terrier who was wandering the streets of Houston, Texas - scared and alone - when she became pregnant. She struggled on the streets, scrounging for food in the dumpsters and begging for help from kind people.

Bella found an abandoned auto shop that she began to call home, and she even gave birth to her puppies there. She did her best to care for her pups, bringing them food and making sure they were warm and safe every night. Bella was a great mom, and her puppies knew no fear or hunger as long as she was around.

One day while Bella was out looking for food, she attempted to cross a street. A passing car hit Bella and killed her instantly, leaving Maya and her siblings to fend for themselves. Bella had been let down by so many humans in her life - from the human who owned her mother and didn’t make sure she’d go to a great home - to the person who abandoned her on the streets- to everyone who ignored her pleas for help when she was a stray.

When a kind woman heard of Bella’s tale, she was determined to make sure that at least one person cared. She located Maya and her siblings at the abandoned auto shop when they were about three or four months old. She made sure that all of Maya’s siblings found perfect forever homes, where they would never suffer the way Bella did. The rescuer decided that the perfect forever home for Maya, was with herself, and she took her home with her, back to North Carolina.

Maya had a rough start to her life, but thanks to the love of one woman who was determined to preserve Bella’s legacy, she’s been granted the opportunity to live the best life. Now, Maya is a pampered pooch who goes to her canine friends’ birthday parties and attends a doggy camp whenever she can, to play with other pups. Maya and her adoptive family go on long walks almost daily, and they love to just be near each other. They can’t imagine life without each other, and isn’t that the kind of life every dog wishes for?

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