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Meghan And Harry Spotted Arriving At Windsor For Wedding Rehearsal, And Fans Can’t Believe Their Eyes When They Do Something Completely Unexpected

May 17, 2018

Just two days before the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry of Wales and American actress Meghan Markle is set to take place, the principal players in the ceremony were spotted heading to the church for rehearsal, and fans who happened to see them were thrilled beyond measure.


The Duchess of Cambridge, who has been pretty much out of sight since the April 23rd birth of her third child, Prince Louis has popped up twice in as many days. We didn’t know how much we missed her until we actually saw her royal self at both Kensington Palace grounds, and in the car on the way to St. George’s Chapel.

Meghan and Harry who have had a test of their devotion thanks to the hoopla over her family’s recent antics, looked happy and calm in there backseat of their Range Rover as they made their way to the place where the two will be joined as one.

The bride-to-be looked cute and casual, although a bit on the thin side, as she sat beside her Prince Charming, who looked his usual handsome self, beard and all.


No word on how long the actual rehearsal took, but it was bound to be lengthy, due to the precision necessary for a ceremony of this magnitude. I imagine the Royals and Royal-to-be were there only as long as necessary to practice their parts and relied on those in charge to supervise the rest of the agenda.


One of the highlights of the rehearsal was hearing the dulcet tones of the St. George’s Chapel Choir led by director James Vivian, as they polished up their renditions of the songs that will ring out on Saturday.

The choir dates back to 1348. Today it consists of 23 choristers and 12 Lay Clerks who sing alto, tenor, and base. It should be a treat for the ears when they let loose with their gorgeous vocals at the wedding.


Outside was just as bustling, with the British military, including horses and carriages, practicing their wedding procession, much to the delight of fans who were already at the location ahead of Saturday’s real-event.

No self-respecting 'royal-phile' would take a chance on losing their chance to see such a romantic and historical event, up-close-and-personal - no matter how long they have to wait!


As the rehearsal wrapped up and the players left for home, we can’t help but wonder what thoughts are going through their minds as they see the venue in the rearview mirror. It’s likely that the next time they set eyes on it, they will be arriving for the actual event. And that has to give them a touch of the butterflies.

It seems that everything is done, and the bride and groom can relax and savor all the well-wishes and romantic feelings that are sure to dominate their thoughts and hearts in the short time leading up to the wedding. We can hardly wait to watch the lovebirds on their big day!

If you’re a horse lover, or just enjoy all the excitement leading up to a wedding, then you’ll love the video, below.


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