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Meghan Markle Overheard Telling Vital Detail About Baby Sussex, Finally Confirming Exactly What Fans Had Been Suspecting All Along

March 05, 2019

Everyone around the globe has one question burning in their minds: When is Baby Sussex going to arrive?!

It’s a question that’s been asked repeatedly since the news broke that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were expecting their very first child together. Per royal tradition, they have been rather tight-lipped on all the details surrounding the little one.

When Kate Middleton was pregnant with her children, she did the very same, leaving only mere speculation to the public and not a hint more.

From what we know and assume, Baby Sussex is set to arrive sometime around April. If you know anything about the birth of a child, you know very well that it almost never goes to plan. No matter how much you think you are ready and prepared with a certain date in mind, he or she will make their grand appearance on their very own time in their very own way.

From the very start, Meghan has been the most defiant royal member of the family. She is accustomed to a very different way of life and has made her best efforts to protect some of her freedoms and customs despite being in one of the most strict and formal families in the world.

She has done a good job - for the most part - in keeping her lips sealed on the details surrounding her unborn child. Recently, though, she was overheard leaking a vital bit of information that was so telling about the little one!

She and Harry attended a very special reception at Buckingham Palace. She looked as royal and regal as ever before in her ivory dress and matching jacket. While there, she had the opportunity to reconnect with some of the guests she had met that were associated with charities that were dear to the Royals.

Upon seeing one attendee, Meghan approached him and comically said, “I look different than when you saw me last!” He noted her joke and replied, “How are you doing? I’m sure everyone is asking.”

Meghan gracefully replied, “No, it’s actually very sweet. It’s a very sweet, nurturing thing to ask. We’re nearly there!”

That sentence alone has been internet fire - “We’re nearly there!” Hearing this could only mean one thing - Baby Sussex’s arrival is sooner than ever before and he or she could make their appearance any time now!

We’re so incredibly excited and cannot wait until we find out all the details of the little one’s birth! What do you think? He or she?

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