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Christening Catastrophe Caught On Camera And Everyone Is Left Pointing The Finger At New Aunt Meghan Markle. Now, There's No Going Back

July 16, 2018

One week after the celebrated christening of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s third child, Prince Louis, we finally have the official family photos and we can’t help but be amazed at how perfect they are. Both sides of the family are decked out in their finest and smile proudly for the camera.

Not only are the Royals there, but also Kate’s parents Michael and Carole Middleton, sister Pippa and her husband James Mathews, and younger brother James. The only obvious absences are the Queen and Prince Philip who chose to miss the event for personal reasons. The Monarch and her husband have appeared in every Christening photos to date, so their absence is especially poignant.

But the Queen’s absence from the traditional photographs is not the only oddity of the shots and we’re wondering if anyone else noticed it.

Of course, you would be right to point out that it’s the first time the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, has appeared in a Royal Family christening photo. And you would be right, as she and Prince Harry married only a few months ago. But that’s not what we are referring to - But you’re close.

It does have to do with Meghan - and she looks lovely in her olive green dress and hat - but now that we examine the entire family together we can’t help but wonder if she fell victim to a cruel joke or if it was just bad luck. Did you notice?

As one's eyes scan across the gorgeous photograph, one can’t help but marvel and the beautiful wardrobe of the subjects. The ‘man of the hour’ Prince Louis, of course, is decked out in the traditional christening gown that members of the Royal Family have donned for generations. And mum, Kate, wears her customary white.

The other ladies are in muted shades of turquoise/blue, right down to Princess Charlotte, including her hair band and Mary and shoes. The gentlemen obviously got on board and selected similar shade for their ties, making a beautifully color-coordinated shot.

Then we get to Meghan. Do you see it now? For some reason, she is wearing a color completely outside the chosen hue for the photo, and despite how stunning and elegant she looks, when the clan gets together she sticks out like a sore thumb!

Literally, EVERYONE else in the photograph blends into the chosen color palette - including husband Harry - yet the Duchess of Sussex seems to have missed the memo. Coincidence? Or blatant flouting of royal convention?

Only time will tell if this is to become a common occurrence or if the Duchess will fall into line and conform to what we are used to seeing from the Royals. Either way, we look forward to all the beautiful photos yet to come from this charming and gorgeous family!


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