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Meghan Markle Defies Royal Dress Code - Again - Leaving Millions Wondering If She Went Too Far And Embarrassed Harry With Her ‘Inappropriate’ Choice

April 18, 2018

In the short time she has been in the Royal spotlight, Meghan Markle has managed to raise more than a few eyebrows with the things she has done. Granted, coming from a completely different culture - Hollywood - you might expect a few foibles here and there.

But when Prince Harry and his fiancée stepped out for a charity event on Wednesday, the internet exploded with responses to the bride-to-be's ensemble - many of which were not kind.

"This is why the royal family should not marry commoners. The dress is so...so...not appropriate, to say it nicely"

"Not for a royal engagement, no. Whoever's advising her isn't doing the best job..."

"Ok, I love Meghan but someone needs to pull her aside and tell her that she needs to stop thumbing her nose at proper styling for events she attends. Put the jacket back on. This is business not a garden party." OUCH!!


Others brought up Princess Diana and her impeccable style to draw a sharp contrast to what Meghan chooses to wear and what is expected from Royals.

What's all the hoopla about? Well, let's just take a look.

She appeared wearing a very summer-like off-white dress with large black buttons, but she was wearing a stylish blazer over her shoulders so it wasn’t until she doffed the cover that people could see what she actually had on underneath.

That’s when the whispers started and the eyebrows shot up.

She and Harry were attending a youth forum celebrating the Commonwealth on Wednesday and the weather was warm so it’s no surprise she opted for a cooler number. But it was the outfit she chose that many deemed to be a bit off for an appearance by a Royal couple.

Her choice was a $1995 white-and-black pinstriped dress by Altuzzara but it's casual style and ill-fitting lines left a bad taste in the mouths of many members of the public. They are hoping that she will improve as time goes on but others say she's had enough time to absorb the rules of the Royal dress code.


They fear that her insistence on choosing unsuitable ensembles just means she is making it known that she will do her own thing in her own way.

Only time will tell which camp is correct. Either way, we are sure in for some entertaining opinions being bandied about


On a sentimental note, enjoy this flashback to some of Princess Diana's most memorable fashion moments.


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