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Meghan Markle Expected To Overshadow Princess Diana- After 21 Years, Royal Baton Officially Has Been Passed

July 31, 2018

In the 1980’s millions and millions of individuals fell in love with one of history’s most iconic influencers- Princess Diana of Wales.

Known as “The People’s Princess,” Princess Di was adored around the world. She was beloved for her soft yet eager heart and her timid yet bold spirit. Many saw Princess Diana as one of the most influential members of the Royal Family and she was often believed to be the only member of the Royal Family that outsiders could connect with.

Several saw Princess Diana as the hope for modernization in the Royal Family as it had always been incredibly traditional. Princess Diana was known for what she calls, “Leading with the heart.” Even though she was a member of the Royal Family, her actions made her stick out like a sore thumb.

When Princess Di tragically died in 1997, the world mourned her loss. Today, her legacy lives on in her two sons, William and Harry. With both of them growing families of their own, it’s difficult not to remember Diana.

In May 2018, Princess Diana’s youngest son, Prince Harry, married American actress Meghan Markle. Right away, Meghan was compared to Princess Diana. As an actress, divorced, and mixed-race American woman, Meghan was so incredibly different what many thought a Royal should be- just like Princess Di.

Today, Meghan is believed to be the one to carry the baton of modernization from Princess Diana; she is unique, intelligent, compassionate, and so very refreshing to the British monarchy. As an American actress of mixed-race, many believe she has already modernized the monarchy more than Diana ever could have.

While Meghan has no desire to steal the legacy of Diana or even change the Royal Family, she has been outspoken about her own beliefs. What do you think about this comparison? Do you think Meghan will modernize the Royal Family more than Princess Diana?


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