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Meghan Markle Paid The Most Honorable Compliment After Receiving Massive Amounts Of Backlash. Her Response Has Been Anything But Predictable

April 13, 2018

When Meghan Markle stepped into the Royal Family, arguably the most popular family in the world, she made herself available to loads of comments, critics, and compliments. As the woman who finally won over the world’s most eligible bachelor, Prince Harry, Meghan immediately become a hot topic of conversation.

In a recent book published by Andrew Morton, the same author who wrote the secret biography about Princess Diana, Morton unpacks some of the backlashes that the Hollywood starlet has had to endure.The book about Meghan Markle is rightfully titled, A Hollywood Princess, shares Meghan’s personal past along with several comments made by those who reportedly knew her.

After a passive and unsupportive comment made towards Meghan’s role in the Royal Family, one person shared that “Meghan just wants to be Diana 2.0.”

Although the individual who made the comment meant to be hurtful, Morton agreed in a positive tone! The day before the book was published, he shared, “Meghan is going to be is going to be far more active… and quite forthright. "She is realizing that being part of the monarchy is not a sprint, you are in it for life. She will bring a breath of energy and a different perspective. The people inside the royal family are going to have to up their own game."

Meghan has made it her mission to maintain her character, even in the midst of the backlash and criticism. Her only goal is to remain supportive of Harry and remain in the family’s good graces. She’s been such a stand out amongst her criticism that they’re calling her response “Brand Markle.”

Brand Markle simple represents her simple, graceful, and likable character. She is dedicated to her new family and her new country and has proven that regardless of how others respond to her, she will respond will love and kindness.

Does Meghan remind you of anyone else? Perhaps a late and beloved princess? Many see serious similarities between Meghan Markle and her late mother in law, Princess Diana.

Andrew Morton, a man who knew a very private side of Diana, agrees!  He went on to pay her a high compliment by saying, “She is hardwired for humanitarian work... Meghan has psychically picked up the flag dropped by Diana."

Surely, there is no better compliment that she could receive! What do you think about Meghan Markle?


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