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Meghan Markle’s True Feelings About Married Life With Prince Harry Finally Exposed, And The World Is In A Frenzy Over Her Unexpected Admittance

June 14, 2018

Meghan Markle has not had a moment to spare since she officially became a member of the British royal family. It’s a fast-paced life, but, coming from L.A., that was something she was accustomed to having. It’s a different life as a royal, though, and there are many rules, regulations, and protocols in which one must diligently follow.

She did have a brief little break on her two-week honeymoon with her new husband before she was thrown into the swing of things. She made her debut on the Buckingham Palace balcony for Trooping the Colour, and it was everything we could have hoped to see and more. She looked impeccable, and her sun-kissed skin was the sure sign that she and Prince Harry had a wonderful, sunny getaway together.

Just days after, she was scheduled to make her first solo outing with Queen Elizabeth. Many could only fathom the kind of emotions that were running through her mind as the event drew closer. This is not an event in which one would take lightly. Would she be able to remember all her protocols and duties without the helpful aid of her new husband?

The day finally came and passed, and the Duchess proved that she could handle anything the royal life may throw her way. She appeared to already have a well-established relationship with Queen Elizabeth and the crowds waiting for them were in awe of how radiant and happy they both appeared.

While meeting well-wishers and spectators, Meghan was faced with a few questions about how life as a married royal was treating her. Much to our surprise, she gave us everything we were waiting to hear.

One spectator named Sharon Briscoe had the privilege to say hello to the Duchess. She took full advantage of the opportunity and asked how she was getting along with married life. Meghan joyfully replied, “It is wonderful. I’m really enjoying it.”

Briscoe was undoubtedly thrilled to know that Prince Harry had found marital bliss at last. She responded, “Give our love to Harry and look after him.” Meghan smiled saying, “I will do. That means an awful lot to us. He’s the best husband ever.”

Meghan’s genuine nature and vibrant smile captivated not only Briscoe but the entire crowds at the event. It’s quite easy to see just why Prince Harry fell so quickly in love with this American woman.

In previous interviews, a source relayed the truth behind their romance. “They are blissfully happy together and have been since the very beginning. They really are no two people as made for each other as they are. They share such a passion for philanthropy and helping others - that really was the bond that made everything click.”

Thankfully, this bond has since rubbed off a bit on the Queen. As they continue their tour together, we can only imagine just what lies in store for their relationship. We can’t wait to see just how Meghan continues to fit into the royal “puzzle”!


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