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Meghan Markle Turns To This Family Member To Calm Her Wedding Jitters - And It's The Last Person You'd Expect

March 12, 2018

With her wedding to Prince Harry just weeks away, Meghan Markle is experiencing the same pre-wedding jitters that every other bride in the history of matrimony has had.

Between taking classes on how to be a princess, to learning what to do to avoid kidnapping, to choosing just the right gown, to converting to a new religion, Miss Markle has her work cut out for her if she is going to make it to the altar in one piece.

I'm speaking figuratively, of course, but there must be some days when she feels like running for the hills and calling the whole thing off.

Well, the day is certain to come off without a hitch and they'll get everything done in time, but what's a girl to do when it all seems to be coming down on her and she needs some sage advice from someone older and wiser who has been in similar circumstances in the not-too-distant-past.

Not particularly close to her own family members, Meghan reached out to someone within her fiancé’s family, and the person she selected is probably the last person you would expect her to choose!

That person is the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker Bowles. Shocked, you say? Why her, you ask? Well, if you think about it, Camilla is in a unique position to advise the princess-to-be on what it's like stepping into such a regal family - after having gone through a divorce.

Camilla is the only divorced person to have married into the Royal family, to the heir to the throne no less, so to be honest, Meghan didn't really have much to choose from. That's not to say that Camilla hasn't been a huge help to the future princess.

In fact, Camilla has been there advising the American on the ins-and-outs of being a member of such a profoundly historic and traditional family since she and Harry became engaged last year.

A member of the Royal Family being allowed to take a spouse who has been divorced is a relatively recent change, as the Church of England has always frowned upon the practice. In fact, as recently as 1955 when the Queen's younger sister, Margaret, was prohibited from marrying her longtime love, Group Captain Peter Townsend because he had been divorced.

And we all know of the famous case that changed the course of Windsor history when King Edward VIII abdicated the throne in 1936 so he could marry divorcée Wallis Simpson. He, too, was not allowed to marry a divorcée and remain King.

Then it all changed when Prince Charles, a widower, wanted to marry his longtime love, Camilla. Somehow, and the reasons are too complicated to be covered in just a few short sentences, not only were they permitted to mary, but they were also given a blessing from the Church of England.

Now, Prince Harry who is fourth in line to the throne is sailing smoothly toward his May 19th church wedding to Miss Markle, who was also married once before. My, how times change!

So, you can see how Meghan might think Camilla has something of value to share with her as she will be following in the Duchess' footsteps and making history with her own marriage to a prince.

All that being said, we just hope that Meghan finds some solace and comfort in Camilla's presence and we wish the newlyweds-to-be the best of everything as they embark on their life together.

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