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Royal Insider Rips The Rug From Under Meghan Markle, Spilling Her True Plans Once And For All - Fans Are Livid

June 06, 2019

It seems as though for a brief moment, people had moved on and decided to focus on other new surrounding the British Royal Family and Meghan Markle had fallen a bit to the wayside during her maternity leave. As it turns out, one royal insider thought it high time to change that and revealed a truth that has left fans scratching their heads in utter disbelief.


From the very moment Meghan stepped onto the royal scene, she’s brought controversy with her (be it intentional or not). Some believed it was a complete match made in heaven and could see that she and Harry shared a true, once-in-a-lifetime love. Others thought it was bogus from the very start.


The former American actress has yet to catch much of a break from the incessant media critique and criticism and it likely won’t be slowing down anytime soon. Leading up to the birth of her son, she made some decisions that were a bit different than that of her new family members.


She’s not been one to shy away from breaking royal protocols if it doesn’t quite suit her preferences and would rather ask for forgiveness than for permission. Now, one royal insider has revealed a little more about her upcoming plans and many are not the least bit happy about them.


According to the report, she’s got some plans up her sleeve and it’s all about getting back to her roots and out of the shadow of her brother and sister-in-law, William and Kate. It has been said that she’s beyond ready to move back to the U.S. not only to be closer to her friends and mother but also because it is where she gets more recognition and notoriety for her new and rather lofty position.


Royal commentator Rob Shuter gave his opinion on the matter: “The former starlet has not been thrilled to come in second place behind Middleton and Prince William, who continue to ready themselves to take over the throne as King and Queen of England someday.” He also added that Meghan “apparently has a plan to eclipse their popularity” as well.


It was leaked previously that she and Harry were scheming to move to Africa since they both share a love for the country, but now the idea of moving to America has taken over. Shuter also claimed that “Markle’s interest in moving back to the United States was piqued after seeing just how much curiosity the lux baby shower her celebrity pals threw for her in New York caused.”


He also said, “Markle is ready to take the lead as one of the most popular residents of the United States if she and Harry moved her permanently, effectively moving her out of Middleton’s shadow and making her a star in her own right. Marrying into the royal family gave her a platform she might never have had if she had remained in the United States and continued her path as a working actress.”


While we will never know if these claims are factually backed or not, only time will tell just what the Sussex family will do. What do you think? Do you think this is the truth or simply fuel to the rumor mill fire?

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