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Meghan Markle’s Plan To Go Rogue Has The Internet Divided - It’s Only A Matter Of Time Until We See Just How Far She’ll Go

May 16, 2019

The Duchess of Sussex has a way of always being in the limelight whether she means to be or not.


From the moment she met Harry, she instantly became an international sensation. Women all over the world have idolized her, followed her beauty routine, copied her fashion sense, and wanted to know any possible fact about her as possible.

Who’s to blame them, though? Not only is she incredibly stunning and well put together but she also is someone who strives to be a positive and uplifting role model to all those watching her.


One thing she has done since officially becoming a royal member of the family is to ensure she stays true to herself in spite of all the protocols and regulations that are placed around her in the palace. This is something that’s quite unheard of in this family, but it’s seemingly proven her to be steady and confident in who she is no matter what her surroundings may be.


As soon as the news hit that she was pregnant with her first child, fans went absolutely wild with excitement! There are a few things as thrilling as watching one of your favorite celebrities transition into a new role such as parenthood.

In typical Meghan-like fashion, she handled things her own way all throughout pregnancy up to the birth of Archie. Now that she’s got her little baby in tow, there’s one other thing she’s got planned that is unlike any other royal before her.


According to royal commentator Angela Mollard, she just might be making history - again. “One outlet is saying that Meghan wants to be the first mother to breastfeed in public, to de-stigmatize the notion that it should be done behind closed doors,” Mollard reported.


She continued, “I think she’ll definitely bring a more American, New Age, progressive edge to her parenting. And why not? Why shouldn’t she?”

She also made mention to how she will parent much differently than how Kate does with her children. “You could never imagine Kate...I mean, we haven’t seen Prince Louis really apparent from official photographs. We just don’t see those babies in the early years.”


She finished by confirming exactly what many have thought all along: “I think she will be the number one role model for mothering. I hope she’s honest about it. I hope she talks about it in a really open way. We won’t be in for a carbon copy of what Kate and William have done, for sure.”


What do you think about this? Do you think it’s okay for Meghan to go her own way and stray from the norms placed around her in the royal family?

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