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Tensions Rise As Markle Family Drama Escalates, Turning Public Opinion In Unexpected Direction

July 23, 2018

Meghan Markle's half-sister Smanatha Grant has stepped into the media spotlight once again, this time to explain her recent harsh words for Duchess Meghan. But, instead of adding to the perception that the Markles are nothing but trouble-makers, Grant may have finally succeeded in turning public opinion away from the Royal Family, and toward her American family who wants nothing more than to know she is all right.

In a calm and reserved manner, the elder Markle sister manages to make the family's side of things known, and I have to say she did a pretty good job of it. In speaking on behalf of her 74-year-old father, Thomas Markle, Sr., Grant makes a convincing argument that perhaps it's the Palace's policies that are causing this unnecessary rift in her family.

“We all know that life is short,” Samantha Markle said on 'Good Morning Britain.'

“And so, given the circumstances over the last several months since the wedding, I think he really just wants to embrace her and have some closure on the distance and the misperception and really let her know that he loves her."

When asked if she regretted saying it would be her sister's fault if dad, Thomas Markle, Sr. died, she said that she did somewhat. She clarified that she believes that her father's health is, indeed, precarious and if he would pass away without resolving the situation with Meghan, all parties would be devastated. She is only trying to prevent having to live with such regret.

Coming across as very eloquent and reserved, Samantha Grant says she made her plea in a public forum out of the family's frustration that all private channels of communication with the Duchess of Sussex have been ignored. And it seems that public opinion is beginning to turn in the direction of Meghan's American family.


"I love the royals, and think the markles should button it. However, i do think thats meghan should maintain her rship with her father, she shouldnt shut herself off from her own family, she could end up very lonely if her and harry have marriage problems down the line"


“@e_entertainment your comments about Meghan Markle's dad is unfair. Meghan was baptised so she is Christian, she ignores her father who has been a huge part of her journey to being where she is, how is she a Christian when her actions as a daughter are not in line with gods laws”

It has been reported that Meghan, too, is frustrated with the protocol that prevents her from reaching out to her father, but the main concern seems to be the fear that Thomas would reveal the content of their private conversation to the press. And they have just cause for worrying, as he has gone to the press on many occasions recently.

But it just goes back to the whole, "which came first...?" dilemma. Is the lack of communication (and worry about his daughter's well-being) causing the stress on Mr. Markle that led to his heart attack? And the resulting forays into the public arena simply a worried father's desperate last-ditch attempt to reach his little girl?

Or, as the Royal Family seems to believe, is the silence from the Palace a necessary consequence the senior Markle's penchant for revealing intimate family details to the press - that have the potential to cause untolled embarrassment to the Crown?

No matter how this all got started, it looks as though the Palace will have to address the issue soon. Either through an official statement or by allowing Meghan to contact her father and work through their misunderstandings in person.

Personally, I think the only real way is for the two to get together in person and look into each others' eyes. Only then can the wounds of the past several months have a chance to begin healing. Your thoughts?


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