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Did Meghan Steal Princess Eugenie’s Wedding Thunder? Timing Of Baby News Raises Eyebrows Around The World

October 17, 2018

It was an exciting week for Britain’s Royal Family: In a matter of five days they saw the marriage of the Queen’s granddaughter, Princess Eugenie; the announcement of Harry and Meghan’s first pregnancy; the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’ long-awaited trip to Australia; and the birth of Kate and William’s first nephew via Pippa Middleton Matthews. Such a jam-packed week of life changes, and fans around the world areis in 'Royal Heaven.’

With so much being crammed into a short period of time, questions have been raised about the loss of the ‘spotlight’ for each these players, especially for bride Princess Eugenie and new husband Jack Brooksbank.

In fact, some reports have emerged suggesting that Meghan and Harry actually used the occasion of the Royal wedding to make the baby announcement to their family members. If this is true, then they would have broken a HUGE unwritten rule about what can and cannot be talked about at a wedding.


No one could argue that on her wedding day, every bride has the right to expect ‘all’ the attention to be on her (and her husband, of course). Now, we know that’s not entirely possible, especially when the wedding guests are some of the most popular and photographed people in the world.

In fact, watchers of the October 12th nuptials noticed the obvious effort on the part of William, Kate, Harry, and Meghan to slip into the venue as unobtrusively as possible when they arrived at St. George’s Chapel.

Fans were a bit disappointed to see so little of them but quickly figured out that the royal duos were merely respecting the feelings of the bride and groom by trying not to steal more attention than necessary.

Then, just three days later, the stupendous news hit the public forum that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are expecting their first child - AND that they chose the day of the wedding to share the news with family members. Once this speculation spread, people were none too happy that they would do such a thing. What an entirely rude and thoughtless thing to do, said some etiquette experts.


Now, we are getting the full story and it's not quite as bad as everyone thought. According to BAZAAR.com, the parents-to-be had already informed senior family members about the pregnancy prior to the wedding, but this was their first chance for everyone to congratulate the couple in person.

That is why we see such animated interactions between Meghan and/or Harry and royals like Princess Anne.

"Why didn't they wait a little longer to share the news?" you might ask. Well, the trip to Australia played a huge rule in that decision. With the Duke and Duchess of Sussex set to leave on their 16-day trip on Monday, the same day they let the cat out of the bag to the public.

Sources say that the timing of the trip presented the couple with a dilemma. They knew that Meghan would be photographed intensely from all possible angles, during their extended sojourn, and with Meghan beginning to show, it was worried that her figure would give away the secret before they'd have a chance to do it themselves.

Still, the bride's mother, Sarah Duchess of York, seemed to be doing her best to steer the attention back toward her daughter and new son-in-law.

Just a few hours after the public announcement of the baby news, she posted a couple of Tweets reflecting on the big event in her own branch of the Royal Family:



So, all the news is out and now we just have to sit back and process it all. And no matter what, the next year is sure to be fabulous for the beloved Royal Family!

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