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Meghan Markle Caught Making Yet Another Secret Visit To The U.S. And Her Reason Is Exactly What You Would Suspect

March 06, 2019

If one thing is for certain, it’s that the world is continually monitoring every single move made by the royal family, namely the Sussexes.

Prince Harry and Meghan are on everyone’s radar now more than ever since their little baby is set to be born virtually any time now. Wherever they go, the press is sure to follow right behind, documenting every single step, facial expression, and movement they make.

They have a hefty security team around them throughout all this, diligently ensuring their utmost safety and protection everywhere they go. The members of the royal family are no strangers to secrets, so often times if they want or need to get to a destination without being seen, they have ways of doing so.

This is the day and age, though, where any useful bit of information can result in big bucks if tipped to the right sources. Some of the supposedly “tight-lipped” royal insiders have been known from time to time to spill the beans on some top secret information.

Recently, this very scenario happened, leaking an excursion no one had ever known about until now.

According to sources, a royal insider spilled the beans that Meghan has been making secret trips to the United States repeatedly, often times, bringing Prince Harry along with her. Their reason? To visit Doria, of course!

Despite Meghan now being a British Duchess, that doesn’t change the fact that she’s always going to be a mama’s girl and she’s managed to keep that relationship as strong as ever by continuing to visit her beloved mother.

A neighbor to Doria happened to spill the details on their great surprise to see the Duke and Duchess in their L.A. neighborhood. “Meghan is a mommy’s girl - their special mother-daughter bond hasn’t disappeared just because she’s moved to England. Meghan will always come back to Doria. This will always be her home,” the neighbor said.

They continued: “They are forever in touch and Meghan has been here to stay on more than one occasion since going public with Harry. I even saw him here once, but it’s not my place to say anymore.”

This makes our hearts happy to know that, despite the hard trials Meghan has had to face thus far since being thrust into a whole new world, she’s managed to keep in touch with the one person who can keep her grounded unlike any other - her mother.

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