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Hollywood’s Beloved Michael J. Fox Admits The Painful Truth About His Recent Health Scare And Fans Are Now Desperately Praying For A Miracle

March 01, 2019

Michael J. Fox is no stranger to health scares and recently, he was just hit with another devastating blow.

When the now 57-year-old Back to the Future star was only 29, he was given the heartbreaking news that he had Parkinson’s disease.

Anyone who is familiar with this disease knows its severity and how debilitating it can become. He has valiantly soldiered on in spite of his handicap, inspiring people young and old.

He recently opened up in a raw and personal interview with the New York Times to discuss a serious health scare he recently encountered, landing him in an intense and painful surgery.

“I was having this reoccurring problem with my spinal cord. I was told it was benign but if it stayed static, I would have diminished feeling in my legs and difficulty moving,” he began.

Then, that’s when the issue began to snowball. “Then, all of a sudden I started falling - a lot. It was getting ridiculous. I was trying to parse what was the Parkinson’s and what was the spinal thing. But it came to the point where it was probably necessary to have surgery,” he continued.

“So I had surgery and intense amount of physical therapy after. I did it all, and eventually people asked me to do some acting,” he said. This, undoubtedly, was the ray of hope he never knew he so desperately needed.

He geared up to start back to work soon when he was hit with yet another devastating blow. “I woke up, walked into the kitchen to get breakfast, misstepped and I went down. I fractured my arm. I ended up getting 19 pins and a plate. It was such a blow,” he said.

Despite the health issues he’s encountered, he’s managed to keep a positive outlook through it all. “I still believe in a cure. For so log Sinemet L-dopa was the gold standard. That was all we had and it gave relief but it only lasted a certain amount of time and led to dyskinesias and other side effects, so it was important to find better treatments,” he said.

He continued, “There’s a new drug that’s been approved that’s like a rescue inhaler for when you freeze. Because freezing is a very real thing to Parkinson’s patients. I could be sitting here with my foot on fire and a glass of water over there on the table and all I’d be able to do is think about how good it would feel to pour that water on my foot.”

He finished off his talk by saying, “Treatments for that can make a huge difference in people’s lives. Now, if we can prophylactically keep Parkinson’s symptoms from developing in a person, is taht a cure? No. Would I take it? Yes.”

Please keep him in your prayers. His health journey has not been an easy one!

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