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Michelle Obama Reveals Her Horrifying Struggle That She Endured For All 8 Years In The White House. Now, All Are Stunned By Her Confession

November 14, 2018

After eight years, Michelle Obama finally left the White House for the last time as the First Lady of the United States.

In a recent memoir, the former First Lady reveals the secret moments from her time in the White House. Her memoir, titled “Becoming,” is filled with shocking confessions from her 8-year reign as the First Lady of The United States.

In her book, Michelle confesses many private moments about her time in the White House. And as it turns out, her time was not what you’d ever expect.

During an interview with the legendary broadcaster, Oprah Winfrey, Michelle casually shared that living in the White House was her like living in the fanciest hotel. However, it’s not free.

She shared, “A lot of people think ... taxpayers are paying for that. Yes: You don't pay rent ... but you get a bill," she said. But as the audience began to moan with pity, the ever-earthy Obama stopped them. "It's not an ‘Aww, we lived in the White House,’ y'all," she said. "You pay for your food; you pay for your guests ... we got the bill."

Michelle informed her readers that this memoir would be truthful, saying, “If a memoir is about truth, then I'm telling it," she said. "Having the opportunity to reflect on one's life is a luxury. It was absolutely healing for me- to look on my life and figure out how all these little stories that seem meaningless have value,” she said.

As it would turn out, the former FLOTUS remembers the time to be much more intense than anything else. Her book reveals the ups and downs of her personal life as well. Without really even recognizing it, she learned that she had been working tirelessly to appear perfect.

When Oprah asked her about leaving that chapter, the former FLOTUS shocked everyone. As she recalled the day that she and Barack Obama left the White House for the new president, Donald J. Trump, she was flooded with emotion and “sobbed for 30 minutes.”

She confided in Oprah, saying, “When I got on the plane I think I sobbed for 30 minutes. And I think it was just the release of eight years of trying to do everything perfectly. I said to Barack, ‘That was so hard. What we just did that was so hard, and I’ve wanted to say that for eight years.’ “

Listeners were shocked at Michelle’s response. While appearing in one of the most influential positions in the world, she struggled to fill the role. It may not be too surprised if you stop at realizing the constant pressure that she and her husband her under, but at first thought, one would expect the couple to remain have handled the terms with ease and pride. But, they are only human.

Michell’s book is available now! Here’s to a new season of life for the Obama’s- we wish them the very best!

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