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Mom Walks Into A Hilarious Scene. This Is What Happens When You Leave The Youngest With His Older Siblings.

April 12, 2017

Rachel Clark lives in Seattle with her three kids: Hailey, 10; Jacob, 8; and James, 5.

One morning she told her oldest (Hailey) to watch over the youngest (James) while she was in the shower. During that time, Jacob decided to lay out all of his Pokémon cards "so he could look at them," Clark told BuzzFeed News

Everyone who has a little sibling, especially a little brother, knows the struggle. Ha.

As Jacob was laying out his cards, his little brother (James) kept throwing them around.

So Jacob, along with the help of Hailey, came up with a plan.

When Rachel came downstairs, she saw James, duct-taped to a chair to keep him from messing up the game. She said she couldn't help but laugh.

"He was sitting in the chair laughing," Clark said. "We all laughed it off. 

Siblings will be siblings.

I bet James learned his lesson to not mess with his big brothers stuff. 

NO kids were injured in the making of this post, only good memories and laughs. Oh, and a lesson learned.

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