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Royal Family Mortified By 'Increasingly Desperate Situation' - With No End In Sight. Now The Queen Has Had Enough

August 14, 2018

Thomas Markle, the 74-year-old father of Prince Harry’s bride has stepped up his game and is now making veiled threats against the Royal family for what he perceives they are doing to his daughter. He has gone on record as saying she is “scared to death” and that the Royals have terminated all avenues for him to contact her.

He is a father in pain and is showing his frustration by talking to the press in hopes of reaching Meghan. Thomas Markle has sat for at least three interviews in recent weeks, explaining his side of the situation, and in so doing has lobbed some pretty harsh accusations against the Palace.

He has made it very clear that he is not going to stop until he is allowed to speak with or see his daughter. And each time he opens his mouth, things get worse. In fact, palace sources have called it an ‘increasingly desperate situation’ and are now reportedly holding crisis meetings to find a way to stem the tide of embarrassment coming from across the pond.

According to the Mirror, “Advisers have held at least three top-level crisis meetings on how to stop the former Hollywood lighting director piling distress on his daughter, who has not spoken to him since the wedding 10 weeks ago.

“It is also claimed the 74-year-old’s public ramblings about the Duchess of Sussex and the Royals are now so out of hand the Queen may have to get involved to end them.”

It seems the Palace and the father-of-the-bride are at an impasse, and it’s not clear how the standoff will be resolved. On one hand, Mr. Markle has some valid points. It is very un-American to not be able to speak with family members whenever one likes. He is not the one who has joined the Royal Family so he feels his rights should not be affected.

On the other hand, the Royal Family is adamant about maintaining discretion in all things - not only for the protection of the individual family members but also to maintain the historical integrity of the Crown.

With such diametrically opposing goals, it seems unlikely that the two sides will work something out that will satisfy both camps. If Meghan is allowed to speak with her father, will he take what is said to the press, thereby embarrassing the Royals further?? You see where this is going…

In hindsight, perhaps it would have been better, in the long run, to have invited the entire Markle family to the wedding. Nothing they might have done to embarrass Meghan on that day could ever compare to the ongoing humiliation she is now suffering - with no end in sight.

Regardless of which camp you side with, it is necessary to recognize the nearly impossible situation both sides are in. We continue to pray for peace and harmony for all involved and remain hopeful for a reasonable solution to the ‘increasingly desperate situation.’

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