Mother Moose And Her Two Little Off Spring Wander Onto Lawn, But When The Sprinklers Come On The Family Decides To Stay And Play

August 28, 2017

Summer time is a time for fun, sun, and water. On this particular day in Alaska, the heat is becoming almost too much to bear and the sun is getting too hot for people and animals alike.

This story is about a family of moose who is struggling with cooling down in the heat of the summer when they stumble upon a home to try to take a break from the sun’s rays.

The home owner, Candice Helm, notices a mother moose and her two babies panting and desperate for some cooler temps. Candice decides she must do something to help out this poor mama.

Rather than shooing the animals off her property, Candice decides to turn on the sprinklers. Watch what happens when the sprinklers come on and the happy animals get a break from the heat. It proves even animals love to have fun in the sun and splash around in the water!

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