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Mr. Bagel The Chinchilla Takes The Most Adorable Photos - Even When Threatened By Minions!

August 18, 2017

Chinchillas are some of the most adorable creatures in the world With their soft fur and little button nose, it’s hard not to love the little guys! They are known for being inquisitive and playful too, and often get themselves into situations that they shouldn’t!

Mr. Bagel is an chinchilla who leads a life of luxury as an Instagram star. The 8 year old Mosaic chinchilla is known for his adorable photographs posing with objects. Mr. Bagel lives in the San Francisco Bay area with his dad, Steve Byun and together they run the most adorable chinchilla related Instagram account of all time!

Mr. Bagel not only loves to pose with random objects for his photos, but he loves to pose with foods. Some of his favorites are dried rose hips, oatmeal and little treats. He loves to eat his food, but he also loves to push it around in his shopping carts!

His Instagram account is full of adorable photos of him in all sorts of situations. You can find Mr. Bagel waving an American flag for Memorial Day, posing with a toy Peep for Easter, or getting into all sorts of funny situations. One of my personal favorites is where Mr. Bagel is hiding between two plants while a group of Minions toys approach him! It’s super adorable!

Mr. Bagel doesn’t allow his fame to go to his head though, and he does his best to use that fame for good. Mr. Bagel spreads awareness of the fur trade, and does everything he can to help stop that industry. He makes sure everyone knows the facts, and allows people the chance to see how great of pets they are. Over 150 chinchillas are used to make one fur coat! 

Chinchillas make good pets for most people, but they do need special care on occasion. If they are not handled frequently in the first month of life, they are prone to aggression and skittishness. They are also very susceptible to heat stroke because they come from the very cool Andes Mountains. However, they are very quiet pets, but they have a very playful and rambunctious attitude as well. They are also a very low maintenance pet, so they are great for a lot of people if they do their research. 

Mr. Bagel has shared over 1,200 adorable photos of himself on Instagram, and has over 110,000 followers! This adorable chinchilla certainly knows how to live the good life!

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