Need A Dose Of Happiness Today? Well, We Have A Spoonful For You. This Video Of Baby Goats Made My Day

September 08, 2017

There is simply nothing cuter than a baby goat, and these babies top the charts. It's like the little cuties are bouncy balls. They can't stop leaping and jumping. They just seem to really enjoy life... the farm life, that is.


This little gray fella is having a party all on his own. He's that kid, the one kid in the class who does his own thing and doesn't care about anyone else. Then you have one that is, literally, jumping from one mini pony to the next, and the ponies don't seem to mind one bit.


It's like they are energizer bunnies; they keep going and going and going. But why am I doing all the talking? You need to see it for yourself. Watch the video, below, and enjoy a spoonful of happiness given to you directly, from a bunch of happy goats.

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