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Neglected, Emaciated, And Separated From Her Babies, Mama Dog Goes On Desperate Search. When Rescuers See Her Condition They Can't Hold Back The Tears

February 28, 2018

Villalobos Rescue received a call that a stray Pit Bull was roaming the streets in a bad part of town. Witnesses reported that she appeared to be starving and neglected.

But the real crisis was that she was very obviously a new mother and from the looks of her, had been separated from her pups for far too long.

Pit Bull Security Team leader Tia Torres said that they needed to be cautious because of the likelihood that the mama would become aggressive if she perceived her babies to be threatened. Yet time was of the essence, and they needed a plan that would work quickly and efficiently.

When they arrived, they were astounded to discover that they had misjudged the situation entirely. Although they were prepared to perform a complicated rescue, they were delighted to find that the mama Pittie had a plan of her own. Clearly, she sensed that these humans were here to help and she approached them with no fear or hesitation.

Once the mama was safely in tow, the team turned their attention to the missing puppies. If the mother was in such dire straits, then what kind of shape would her puppies be in?

Where to begin looking? But never fear, the mama followed her maternal instincts and showed the humans where her babies were.

She took off and led them to one specific house. When the occupant answered the door, it became clear that the retrieval of the puppies would not be simple. Unwilling to cooperate, the resident slammed the door in their faces. They had no option but to get a court order if they wanted to complete their mission.

Armed with legal authority, the team entered the premises and brought out the first two pups. They looked safe and healthy.

But when they brought out the last two, they were alarmed at their appearance. The two tiny babies were weak, listless, and smaller than their siblings. It would be important to get them not only to their mother but also to the vet for medical care.

After a horrendous beginning, thank goodness this story has a happy ending. If it hadn't been for the maternal instincts of the mother dog, and her willingness to trust the humans who had come to help, she may never have seen her precious pups again.

For more on this story, watch the video, below.

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