Nobody Was Listening, So This Street Musician Was About To Call It Quits For Night. When Out Of Nowhere He Got 4 Fans. They Thought His Music Was Purrrfect

August 07, 2017

On the streets of Pangkor, Malaysia a street musician was giving his performance and people were walking not paying him any attention. That must have been so discouraging for the struggling musician. But then something amazing happened. Out of nowhere, 4 kittens appeared and sat down right in front of the man as if to tell the man he was doing an amazing job!

These kittens were fully engaged and enjoying the night with this musician. They were even bobbing their heads to show the man how much they loved what he was doing. How cute is that?

Just when this man needed some encouragement, these cute kitties came through for him. What's even better, the man decided to do something for them and he returned the favor. He decided to take them all home with him so they could be his consistent audience.

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