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Released After 9 Years In Prison, O.J. Simpson Is Still Charming Fans In Vegas - No Matter What, He’ll Always Be ‘The Juice’ To Them

August 08, 2018

O. J. Simpson, the football superstar/actor, was recently released after serving nine years in federal prison for burglary and is trying to pick up the pieces of his disgraced life. Simpson, who was acquitted in the murder of his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson in 1995, found himself, once again, on the wrong side of the law more than a decade later, finally seeing the inside of a prison cell.

TMZ reminds us that Simpson served nine years in “prison for kidnapping in a botched robbery attempt where he was trying to recover his old football memorabilia in a Las Vegas hotel room ... pulling a gun didn't help.”

Many people think the football Hall of Famer was railroaded into a conviction for this second crime as retribution for his ‘getting away with murder’ in the 1994 death of his wife.

So, O. J. served his time and was finally released from federal prison in 2017. Many people wondered how the disgraced Heisman Trophy winner would spend the remaining years of his life. Surely, no one would accept him back into society after all that had transpired.

So, when Simpson returned to his adopted hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada, the world expected him to be shunned by former friends and ostracized from his regular hang-outs. But that is NOT what happened…


When having dinner at a local restaurant recently, Simpson was seen holding court with besotted fans who could hardly contain their excitement at getting to meet ‘The Juice’ in person. He was greeted by smiles, hugs, and requests for selfies - and he seemed to thoroughly enjoy the adulation of his still-loyal public.

In a video released by TMZ Sports (contains profanity), Simpson told a fan at a Las Vegas restaurant Monday that ‘being a felon ain't all bad.’

“Simpson has been a visible figure in Las Vegas since his release, and TMZ Sports noted that he is treated like a local celebrity in the area.”


Some would say that Simpson has paid his debt to society and should be treated a such. But there will always be those adamant people who think he killed his wife and is a murderer walking free.

Those 'fans' are likely to give him a completely different sort of greeting if they should ever cross paths with him. And if I were O. J., I'd always be watching my back...

To see the TMZ video, click on the Twitter post, below.

(Warning: contains profanity)


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