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Beloved Actress Confesses That Her Cancer Has Returned With A Vengeance. Now, She’s Begging For Your Prayers

November 02, 2018

Olivia Newton-John is one of the world’s most adored faces in Hollywood. From being discovered at just 14 years old, to international fame after releasing her single, "Till You Say You'll Be Mine", and of course, her massive success from the iconic film, Grease- Olivia stole the hearts of them all.

Olivia became a Hollywood sweetheart instantly. Her voice, her looks, and her heart all proved to be otherworldly. Even now, at age 69, Olivia looks as though she hasn’t aged a day. Her life has left many wondering, is she even human?

In 1992, Olivia was diagnosed with breast cancer. After undergoing treatment for her cancer, she appeared to live happily without the disease until 2017 when she revealed that it returned. The public rallied with Olivia and hoped for a healthy recovery.

But in her public journey with breast cancer, Olivia revealed that she was also fighting cancer in her shoulder- not a soul knew about (Publicly, that is). In 2013, Olivia got into a minor traffic accident that sent her to the hospital. During a routine exam, doctors discovered cancer in her shoulder.

Olivia kept her 2013 diagnosis private claiming, “It’s my life, and I just decided to keep it to myself.” Given her nearly entirely public life, she had hoped for some privacy in coping with her diagnosis.

Until a recent interview with the Australian television program, Sunday Night, Olivia had never mentioned the 2013 diagnoses. In 2017, Olivia had revealed that her 1997 breast cancer had come back. During her Sunday Night interview, she also shared that she’s fighting cancer found in a tumor at the base of her spine.

While it’s easy to be surprised that something so mortal could happen to someone so iconic, Olivia has chosen to respond with the empathy for others who are also fighting cancer. When asked how she was dealing with her recent diagnosis, she simply said: “I’m one of millions in this fight — I shouldn’t say fight — in this journey. A lot of people see it as a fight, and wherever you choose to see it, that’s your prerogative. I see it as part of my mission.”

Olivia Newton-John is human just like the rest of us and desperately needs your prayers. Please please please keep her in your prayers as she fights two forms of cancer for the third time.

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