One Man's Mission To Spread Kindness All Over The World Leads Him To Change One Homeless-Single-Father's Life In An Instant

October 17, 2017

I think that we can all agree that the world needs a little more kindness in it. Wouldn't it be great if we all made it our mission to share kindness with at least one person, every single day? For one man named Liam, his mission is that and more. He wants to spread joy, through acts of kindness, to the entire world.

After giving up his career as a stockbroker, Liam set out a trip across the world to help uplift the joyful spirit found within every human being. Liam arrives in a small town, and it does not take long for him to find someone who is in desperate need of a kind act. He strikes up a conversation with a single father who is pushing his son in a stroller.

After a few moments of small talk, the father reveals that he is recently out of a job and, seemingly, everything else in his life is going wrong. Three days before this conversation, the father had moved with his son, from New York City to the small town to start a new and peaceful life. His plans, however, didn't go how he wanted them to at all.

The father had his housing situation lined up and a job interview as well. The housing, however, fell through and the father-son duo is currently homeless. The little boy soon wakes up, and the father lovingly introduces him to Liam. Despite his situation, the father doesn't seem to have lost his joy or his hope. Liam asks him how he can be so hopeful in the midst of such adversity and the dad is not shy about his answer.

The father points to his son saying that the boy is the reason that he stays so optimistic. The father continues by saying that it doesn't do any good dwelling on what you cannot control. The situation he is in will not be his situation forever. He wants to show his son that nothing is impossible. Liam is moved by the father's story and decides to reward him with a genuinely heartwarming act.

Liam pulls something out of his pocket, and the dad breaks down in tears as Liam informs him that he is giving the father and son 1,000 dollars. On top of that, Liam will put the family up in a hotel for the next seven days. Overwhelmed, the dad embraces Liam and thanks him as best he can. The dad knows that, because of Liam's kindness, his young son will know that there are kind and caring people in the world, just waiting to restore someone’s faith in humanity. Watch the video, below, to see the incredible encounter for yourself!

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