Orangutan Wants To See What's Underneath A Woman’s Bandages. What He Does Leaves Everyone Mesmerized

October 04, 2017

An amazing video captured at the Indiana Zoo in Putnam County, Indiana, has taken the internet by storm - an ape interacting with a woman, and being completely in awe of her. Darci Miller goes to the zoo with her boyfriend to see Rocky the Orangutan, but they have no idea they are about to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

When Darci approaches the enclosure, Rocky points his fingers at her bandages, completely intrigued by what might be underneath. As her boyfriend videos, Darci takes off her bandages and shows the ape her scars. Everyone around the enclosure is so mesmerized that they can't take their eyes off this special, unique moment.

''The Orangutan was completely interested in my burn scars and recent surgery sites,'' she said. 'I am a burn survivor from 2015. Yes it has its ups and downs, but this particular day made me feel really good about myself,'' she added.

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