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Owner Took Her Cat To The Groomer. When She Arrived To Pick Him Up, She Couldn't BELIEVE His Appearance

May 16, 2017

Meet Jin Jin, the utterly adorable Persian cat who recently fell victim to one of the most hilariously terrible grooming mishaps of all time. When you have a longhaired cat like Jin Jin, it is good to make sure he gets shaved from time to time. Doing this ensures that the thick fur won't cause your kitty to overheat and it also lessens the shedding.

Every time Jin Jin's owner would drop him off at the groomers, she would always return to find her little feline perfectly shaven in a lion-style cut. This type of cut leaves a greater amount of fur around the head and tail, giving them a lion-like appearance.


Bored Panda

The most recent time that Jin Jin was left at the groomers, things didn't quite turn out as planned. He was scheduled to have an appointment but his owner was unable to take him at the time.

She asked one of her friends to do her the great favor of taking her feline fellow to the groomers. Her friend agreed to help her out and dropped of Jin Jin at the groomers.


Bored Panda

Later that evening, Jin Jin's owner made her way across town to pick him up from his appointment. Within one look at her cat, her jaw dropped.

He looked nothing like she had planned, and she couldn't help but chuckle! In an interview with The Dodo, Jin Jin's owner said, "I was surprised the groomer would shave him like that." Check out what Jin Jin looked like on the following page.


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