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Panicked Cries Come From Underneath Deserted Home- Rescuers Are In Shock At What They Find During Unnerving Venture Under Home

March 01, 2018

At the Michigan Humane Society, animals are rescued every single day.However, it’s not common that a rescue of such uncertainty brings so much hope. This rescue will forever be one of the most rewarding rescuers by the Michigan Humane Society.

One day, a volunteer animal rescuer received a call about crying coming from an abandoned estate. The property had been vacant for several years, and its foundation was faulty. The man who provided the tip feared that some sort of baby animal was trapped under the porch.

When rescuers arrived, they immediately heard the cries from the house. They, too, thought some sort of baby animal was trapped in the house. As they searched around the home perimeters, they were able to pinpoint the sound- it was coming from underneath the home.

Knowing that the home was very old, they knew that they had to act fast. One man knew that the chances of luring out a baby animal were slim-to-none, so he made the decision to go under the house.

What he saw astounded him.

He counted not one, not two, not three… but seven puppies!

He couldn’t believe his eyes. Knowing that the porch could break at any moment, he began scooping up the puppies one by one. He knew that they could only be weeks old.

Some puppies were trapped under old 2x4’s and one puppy was even stuck in a bucket! The rescuer got them out one by one and quickly transported them to the humane society.

All seven of the puppies were given baths, food, and love- all of which they desperately needed. The staffers at the humane society fell in love with the pups and even named them! They are Paige, Payton, Percy, Phillip, Phoebe, Piper and Prue.

Now, all of the puppies are in foster care and will soon be ready for adoption. Check out the incredible story below. This rescue is truly a miracle.


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