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Parents Blast Major Airline For Unexplained Treatment Their Children. Their Bold Words Set The Internet Ablaze

August 10, 2018

Florida couple, Jennifer Ignash and Chad Gray, and taken to the internet to publicly blast a popular airline for the way their children were treated during a recent flight.

Seven-year-old Etta and nine-year-old Carter were traveling together via Frontier Airlines from Des Moines to Orlando after a summertime getaway to visit their grandparents. During the flight, the airline crew made a decision that has gained national news.

The weather during the flight had gone from bad to worse, and the conditions were unfavorable for flights. The pilot made an executive decision to change routes and make a landing in Atlanta for the night until the weather settled.


Unaccompanied minors, Etta and Carter, were taken to a hotel room where an airline supervisor got them checked in. Mom and dad were unaware of their children's’ whereabouts, leaving them worried, frantic, and angry.

According to Fox News, Jennifer and Chad claim they didn’t know what was happening with their kids right away and think Frontier should’ve gotten their permission before transporting their children to a hotel.”

Apparently, the only way the parents found out about the whole incident was when they received a phone call from their children. They borrowed another unaccompanied minor’s phone to tell their parents where they were going.

“We never gave approval for that to happen,” Jennifer told sources.


A spokesperson for Frontier Airlines issued a statement in regards to the situation: “We understand how an unexpected delay caused by weather can be stressful for a parent and our goal is to help passengers get to their destinations as quickly and safely as possible.”

While Jennifer and Chad don’t disagree with their statement, they are still angered by the lack of communication used concerning their children. Now, they are spreading awareness of the airline’s policies so that no other parent should have to go through the same situation as they.

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