Passengers Became Restless and Annoyed When Their Flight Was Delayed. Moments Later, Four Men do Something That Left Everyone Utterly Speechless

August 09, 2017

When you’re traveling on an airplane, things can get a little hectic. You’re surrounded by strangers, the airports are crowded, you’re tired, and you just want to get back to the comfort of your own home. One thing that is particularly annoying for most air travelers is when you board your flight and prepare for takeoff only to be told that there has been a delay and you’ll be stuck in your seat for a while. News like this often sends passengers straight into an irritable, impatient, grumbling mood.


This particular scenario happened several years ago on a flight bound for New Orleans. As soon as the passengers boarded, they were told that the plane was going to be undergoing maintenance and they would be stuck for a while. Tempers rose, loud huffs were heard, and an evident shift of mood happened throughout the plane. There just so happened to be four gentlemen who took notice of the mood change and devised a clever idea. 


Instead of joining in on the frustration, they decided to lighten the spirits of those around them! They just so happened to be a barbershop quartet called Port City Sound and they treated all those traveling with them to a surprise no one ever saw coming! The moment they started, people instantly began to grin at this delightfully unexpected treat. They quickly got out their phones and recorded this priceless moment. Check out the video below to see these talented men in action.

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