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Picky Dog Refuses To Eat Her Food, Then Owner Comes Up With An Ingenious Plan To Make She Eats Every Last Bite

August 17, 2017

If we are all honest with ourselves, every single one of us can be a picky eater from time to time. We like things a certain way and there is nothing wrong with that. One thing that we don't expect, however, is for our pets to be picky eaters. All pet food is the same right!? Apparently, some pets would disagree. Take Luna, the dog in this story, for instance. Dry dog food just didn't cut it for her. Luckily, she had an owner that was sympathetic to her dietary requests, no matter how ridiculous they were.

Luna loved her owner, Pat. They did everything together and had a loving relationship that made everyone smile. One thing Luna could not understand about Pat, however, was why he kept giving her dry dog food. Luna through she made it perfectly clear that she did not enjoy dry dog food. Pat, soon realized his mistake and started preparing Luna's food in a way that suited her. He would cook her food in the oven before serving it to the dog, which Luna enjoyed very much. Little did the dog know it was all just a clever ruse concocted by Pat.

Yes, Pat did put Luna's food in the oven but, of course, he would not turn the oven on at all. He simply set the timer for a minute so that Luna would think she was getting a hot meal. As soon as the timer went off, Pat took the food out of the oven and placed in front of Luna, who gleefully dug into her, still dry, dog food. Needless to say, Pat was a genius and loved his dog enough to trick her into eating her dinner. Bravo, Pat! Watch the video below to see the entire scam take place.

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