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Pit Bulls Begin Barking Aggressively At Toddlers. Just As Their Grandma Yells At Them To Stop, She Realizes They’re Giving Her A Massive Warning

April 03, 2018

Dogs aren’t just called man’s best friend for no reason; dogs have rightfully earned that title. They are loyal, sweet, and fun and most importantly, they protect the ones they love. Even breeds that are believed to be vicious and aggressive, such as Pit Bulls, are known to go to extreme lengths to protect their family.

One grandmother, Melissa, learned the loyalty of her two Pit Bulls, Slayer, and Paco, in a tragic way.

One day, Melissa and her toddler grandbabies, Zayden (4) and Mallory (2), were enjoying the warm summer day in their backyard. Melissa was gardening with her daughter will her grandchildren played with Slayer and Paco. That’s when Melissa heard a bizarre bark from Slayer…

She hushed Slayer and told him not to bark. He listened, only start again a couple seconds later. Then Paco started to get riled up! Melissa was shocked! Slayer and Paco loved the children and they would never be aggressive towards them… Melissa couldn’t figure out why they kept barking.

The dogs barked and barked until finally, Melissa came over. That’s when she saw it… The dogs weren’t barking at the children because they were being aggressive towards them, they were barking at the children because they were in danger!

Only feet away from the toddlers was a deadly Copperhead snake! Melissa couldn’t believe her eyes! The dogs turned away from the children knowing that Melissa and her daughter had carried them away into the house. They turned their attention to the venomous snake- that’s when tragedy struck.

The snake struck and bit both Slayer and Paco. Paco was bitten on the elbow and Slayer was bitten on the snout. But a bite to the face didn’t stop Slayer from protecting his family; he lunged for the snake and bit him until he was dead.

Melissa was heartbroken when she realized that her dogs were only trying to protect her sweet grandchildren. In a frantic sprint, she loaded up Paco and Slayer since they had the snake's venom in their blood. She drove to the nearest emergency vet clinic that was 40 minutes away. She nearly crashed as she weaved in and out of traffic, trying to beat death’s clock.

When she finally arrived, the dogs were swollen where the snake had struck them. They were immediately given anti-venom. Paco managed to heal up quite quickly, but poor slayer, the dog that had been bitten on the snout and ultimately killed the snake, had a massively swollen face.

Slayer was so swollen that he couldn’t even kiss his owner when she came to see him. Melissa cried at the thought of her dog’s loyalty. She cried as she held Slayer and said, “Our pets aren’t pets,” she said. “They are 100 percent family members; this just proves they deserve to be.”

Thankfully, Slayer’s swelling went down and he was able to go home after one night in the hospital. The children are okay, thanks to these amazing and heroic dogs! Can you think these dogs are heroes?!

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