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Precious Pup Rescued From Deplorable Conditions Gets New Lease On Life Thanks To Heroic Rescuers

April 30, 2018

When they found Daniel, he was quivering from head-to-toe, and unable to use his front legs. Thank heavens the heroic staff from the Humane Society arrived in time to give this sweet boy a chance to live a decent life. At the puppy mill that had been his home since birth, the little guy was kept in a dark room, enclosed in a tiny cage, and given little to no exercise.

Aghast at the despicable situation, rescuers could not tell if Daniel's uncontrollable shivering was due to cold, fright, or some undiagnosed neurological condition due to irresponsible breeding.

Well, they were determined to find out. The noble rescuers liberated Daniel that day, along with 294 other desperate doggies who had never stepped out into the light of day.

As the man who found him carried him gently to the rescue vehicle, Daniel was experiencing the first loving touch from human hands - in his entire life.

After just two days, Daniel had already changed considerably! Relaxed, happy, and playfully interacting with his new friends, Daniel was ready to begin the life he never was allowed to have.

After two short weeks in the dedicated care of the Humane Society shelter workers, Daniel is happy, healthy, and beginning to learn to walk. With a little more time and lots and lots of love, Daniel and all his buddies will get the chance to go home with loving families of their very own.

To learn more about Daniel’s miraculous rescue and amazing transformation, watch the video, below.


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