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Prince Harry’s Ex-Girlfriend Gives Meghan Totally Shocking Gift At Wedding! Now, People Are Wondering What On Earth Caused Her To Do Such A Thing

May 22, 2018

It seems that just about everyone in the world is madly in love with the fairytale story of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The two lovebirds have shared a magical love story with the world and on May 19th, 2018, they had more than 29 million fans tune in live to their wedding day nuptials!

It seemed that everyone watching was falling more and more in love with the couple- well, almost everyone….

In true Harry and Meghan fashion, the two planned their wedding according to their wishes- not the wishes of others. In doing so, they invited some rather shocking faces to their wedding. If you’re not sure what we mean by that, just take a look at the photo below- notice anyone?

The blonde gal in the middle is Chelsy Davy, also known as Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend. The two dated for six years and continued a messy relationship with another four. Many believed that Prince Harry would end up marrying Chelsy.

Chelsy was rumored to have been invited to her ex’s wedding for weeks prior to the big day, so it wasn’t entirely surprising to see her turn up with her current boyfriend some friends.

While most people would never invite their ex’s to the wedding, Prince Harry actually invited both! His reasoning? They were friends!

During the ceremony, Chelsy appeared to be deep in thought. It had to have been a surreal experience to witness your former boyfriend- the boyfriend that you and millions of others thought you’d marry- say vows to another woman. Chelsy’s face seemed contemplative and somewhat sad each time the cameras panned to her.

While it must have been awkward to watch, it was only the beginning… Later that evening, it was reported that Prince Harry and Meghan had invited Chelsy to the wedding reception as well. During the night reserved for the newlywed’s closest friends, Chelsy did the unthinkable…

Believe it or not, Chelsy mustered up the courage to approach her ex-boyfriend’s new wife at the reception! Reports say that the ex-girlfriend walked up to the bride and gave her a hug! The Mirror reports that Chelsy was feeling the love during the reception as she walked up to the bride to embrace her with genuine happiness!

Now, people are taking to the internet about how in the world Chelsy was able to do that! Many would never entertain the idea of inviting exes to their wedding, let alone the reception. And the thought of exes and spouses meeting and hugging? That’s practically unheard of!

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