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Palace Shocker: Prince Philip’s DNA Provides Evidence In Cold Case Crime. Now We Finally Know What Really Happened

November 08, 2018

Many people are not aware of the fascinating connection between the Duke of Edinburgh and the tragic Romanov Family of Russia - the last imperial family to ever reign in the country. But revelations show just how critical that connection is, and how it was used to solve one of the most confounding mysteries of the 20th century.

The story is a brutal one, but history books tell it this way: The entire family, including Tsar Nicholas II’s wife and children, were present when communist revolutionaries stormed the palace in 1818 in a plan to overthrow the Tsar. But the invaders did not stop with an overthrow, and the rest of the story is both sad and disturbing.

Historians widely believe that the family was “gunned down and their bodies dumped in unmarked graves by communist agitators in 1918, just months after the Russian Revolution.”

In a tribute to the 100-year anniversary of this historic and tragic event, a new exhibition has opened at the Science Museum in London that sheds light on the up-until-now secret efforts of Prince Philip “to help solve the mystery surrounding the deaths of the Romanov royals.”

People who do not know the relationship the Duke has with the doomed Russian Royals were surprised to find out that his connection is the very thing that solved the ancient mystery of what really happened to the family.

“The Duke is the great nephew of Empress Alexandra, Tsar Nicholas's wife, meaning genetic testing provided the key to discovering their tragic fate once and for all.

“Two years after the bodies were found, experts were able to extract Philip's DNA and match it with samples taken from the skeletons of the Tsarina and her four daughters — also executed in cold blood by revolutionaries."

"100 years ago, a horrible tragedy happened....the assassination of Tsar Nicholas ll along with the Russian imperial family....it was such a horrible ending to one of the wealthiest, interesting and most captivating royal families in European history....may the Tsar and his family rest in peace..."

"On this day, Yakov Yurovsky led a group of Cheka, the Bolshevik secret police, into the Ipatiev House in Ekaterinburg where the deposed Russian Tsar was staying. Yurovsky and his men murdered Nicholas II and all his family."


The Romanovs had four daughters and one son, but remains of everyone in the family except one were discovered. The truth about what happened to youngest daughter Anastasia has never been found. Some say she managed to escape the brutal fate of the rest of her family and lived out the rest of her life at an undisclosed location.

Several women have stepped forward over the years to claim to be the missing Romanov heir but, so far, none of the stories has ever been substantiated. I guess that mystery will live to see another day.

But, thanks to modern science and the heroic actions of Prince Philip, we at least have the critical answers to the pivotal questions that have eluded us for 100 years.


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