Prince, The Bloodhound, Is Being Sworn Into The Police Force As, Quite Possibly, The Cutest Tracking Dog Ever

October 13, 2017

The men and women who serve in the police force deserve our gratitude. They risk their lives, daily, in order to keep us safe. Not all of the members of the police force, however, wear badges or carry firearms. Some recruits like Prince, for instance, have four legs and fur. That's right, Prince and many other of our four-legged canine friends serve in the police force in a variety of ways.

Prince is tasked with the unique job of tracking. Without the help of Prince and many other dogs, the Police Force runs the risk of losing fugitives every day. Like any good recruit, Prince needs to be sworn in before he can fulfill his duties. In front of his fellow officers and the mayor, Prince leaves his mark on the enlistment form and receives a treat for his efforts. He is now a keeper of the peace!

Prince then meets some of the senior members of his faction. They welcome the pup with open paws, and Prince is excited to start his new journey. This is a day that Prince will never forget and, needless to say, the Police force has one of the cutest tracking dogs on the planet in its ranks now! Watch the video, below, to see Prince's ceremony for yourself.

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