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Prince William And Kate Middleton’s Third Child Will Get An Honor No Royal Baby In History Has Ever Received

March 27, 2018

There seems to be no greater excitement than when welcoming a new baby into the world. Seeing her face for the first time, hearing her cry, watching her take in the sights and sounds of life outside the womb is something magnificent to behold. No matter how many children a mother may carry, this feeling is just as powerful with each and every child she bears.

Carrying a child can often be difficult for a mother. Her health can take a dip, her energy is low, and she tends to feel sick quite regularly. Just because you’re of the Royal Household doesn’t give you a pass on this side of pregnancy, unfortunately. The Duchess of Cambridge is heavily pregnant with her third child, and the world anxiously awaits to join in with a great celebration of his/her arrival.

There are many protocols for every occasion and situation in the Royal Household and bearing a child is no different. Queen Elizabeth has several rules in place surrounding the birth and, respectfully, one must abide by each one. From time to time, though, members of the family boldly branch out and try something new and never seen before. When this happens, the internet goes mad with excitement.

Prince William and Kate Middleton have always been notorious for following the rules and dare not to go their own way. This time around, they boldly went forward with something never before done in the history of the family. For their third child, they’ve created a website dedicated to the third royal baby. This was never done for the baby’s siblings, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

The reason likely boils down to the sheer popularity the family has gained over the past few years. Their names continuously appear in the media simply because the world is in utter fascination with their world. Now with the creation of this website, we’ll all get a firsthand look at the third child’s life. The Duchess is due to give birth at any time now, so be prepared to get all you want and more. Thank you, Prince William and Kate!


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