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Prince William Forced To Admit The Truth Following Birth Of Third Child. People Around The Globe Can’t Help But Wonder How Kate Feels About It

June 06, 2018

Life is certainly not slow for the British royal family. They seemingly work around the clock making appearances, hosting events, traveling across the globe, speaking out for various causes, and helping numerous charities. Somehow, amid their jam-packed schedule, they still manage to make time for some of life’s most precious moments.

The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was an occasion the entire family took time to attend. Even Kate Middleton, who had previously given birth just two months prior, was able to come to the wedding, looking as elegant and beautiful as ever before.

The birth of Prince William and Kate’s third child was also a momentous one. This could easily be considered one of the most anticipated births of the year as people around the globe sat on the edge of their seats to see if the third little one would be a Prince or a Princess.

The new parents of three, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, certainly have their hands full these days. Their lifestyle has surely changed since becoming parents as they’ve learned how to adjust to their new roles.

Recently, Prince William made a visit to the Isle of Man. While there, he was brought back to fond memories of taking biking trips. This was one of his favorite pastimes and hasn’t had a great deal of time to devote to this hobby since becoming a father.

While admiring the bikes, particularly the Norton SG7, he divulged a bit of information that left many at a loss for words. While checking out the bike, he confessed, “I’m a father of three, I have to tone it down. I miss the big trips. For me, biking was always about being with everybody else.”

This was a nostalgic time for him as he went on to ponder days passed when he and his brother used to ride together and “basically try and hit each other.” This comes as no surprise to hear since the two princes always had a rough and tough playful friendship over the years.

While it was quite evident that the Prince does miss his hobby of old, he’s made this decision for the better. Now that he has a family of his own, he knows he must be much more careful, and engaging in activities like this that could be potentially dangerous is now out of the cards for him.

William actually revealed that Kate wasn’t overjoyed or impressed when she knew he was venturing to the Isle of Man. He said, “When I said I was going to the Isle of Man for an official visit, she said, ‘Really?’”

It goes without saying that his wife, Kate, is likely overjoyed with this decision. Knowing that her husband will not be sporting around on a bike anytime soon surely gives her a great deal of comfort and relieves a bunch of unnecessary stress on her as she tries to raise their little ones.


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