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Prince William Reveals A Startling New Secret About Princess Charlotte, Leading Us To Believe We’ve Been In The Dark All This Time

June 14, 2018

Over the years as technology has continued to increase, so has our wealth of knowledge on things we often had been less informed. Our eyes have been opened to the realness that happens across the globe, both good and bad.

Many questions we’d asked for years have finally been answered, giving us all the details of lives and situations that are lesser known. One such situation is that of the British royal family. They live a life vastly different than what we’ve been accustomed to, making them more intriguing than most.

They certainly aren’t your average celebrity family, and their longstanding practices and traditions are admired by individuals around the globe. In the recent years, they’ve gained a great deal of popularity.

Queen Elizabeth shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon and has become the picture perfect example of how elegance and class is not a lost art. Not only is she firing on all cylinders, the rest of her clan is equally as powerful. The younger generation is rapidly taking the internet by storm.

One of the littlest royals of the bunch is one of the most popular, and her mannerisms and behaviors are all anyone can talk about these days. Three-year-old Princess Charlotte has become the world’s darling as people want to know her every like, dislike, activity, and fashion choices.

While we only receive information such as this bit-by-bit, her father, Prince William, recently spilled the beans on a burning topic considering his only daughter. Since the breaking of this news, the world has become giddy with excitement.

While presenting British author, Lady Antonia Fraser, with the Order of the Companion award, he discussed some hidden secrets about his daughter. She told: “He asked me whether I’d always been interested in history as a child, and so I said, ‘Yes, I used to write history as a child, so look out’, meaning your (William’s) own children.”

She went on to say: “And he said his own children are always reading books. He was very sweet and charming, as a father. He said his father, the Prince of Wales, said he didn’t read enough history and I said well that can be remedied.”

This proves that Princess Charlotte is more relatable to us and to children worldwide than we ever thought before. Though she lives within the walls of a grand, luxurious palace, she still enjoys the simple things in life like reading.

With a hobby such as this, she will quickly grow in knowledge and understanding of the grand world around her even at the ripe age of three. We can’t wait to learn more about this royal darling and watch her grow!


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